Translation, content, localisation – what we do

We are Laura and Anski, witty writers who want to breathe life into your content. Our personal approach to content production and translation work produces clear and engaging language for the pleasure of your customers, both in English and Finnish.

We would be delighted to help you with any content and/or translation needs, from writing texts for websites and localising systems to translating privacy policy statements. Drop us a message and we will get back to you within the next two days!

We have produced and developed English content for Finnish websites at our day jobs for 5+ years, and we both have MA degrees in English Philology. Witty Writers is our way to use this experience for the good of companies that need help with their online presence.

Who are we?


Growing up in the cozy seclusion of the southwestern countryside of Finland, I inhaled British comedy and literature with a fiery passion to pass the time. Talented stars such as the Monty Pythons, Bram Stoker and Stephen Fry inspired and titillated me to study English Philology in the University of Turku. Considering my history as an anglophile, it was not surprising that I ended up choosing English literature as my major subject. Throughout my studies I practiced my skills in writing text that is clear, concise and serves the purpose of reaching its intended audience in the best possible way.

After graduating I have worked in the internationalisation of higher education, first at the Ministry of Education and now at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. My work consists of various tasks in both internal and external communication, such as coordinating international mobility with the various degree programmes of Metropolia as well as hundreds of partners and stakeholders around the world. What I most enjoy in my work, however, is creating informative content for our intranet and website. Naturally I wanted to dedicate more of my time for this type of work, which is why I joined forces with Laura to start this company.


The first time I fell in love with the English language was in my hometown Mikkeli where I was a frequent visitor of the public library. One day I stumbled upon a book where Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse teach kids the language and I vividly remember how mesmerized I was when I learned the words were pronounced differently from how they looked as I read them. As a teenager I spent a significant amount of my time reading Harry Potters and writing song lyrics for my imaginary band. It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that I also ended up studying the beloved language at the University of Jyväskylä with a combination of teacher studies as one of my minor subjects.

My career so far has given me a lot of opportunities to work with my passion in English as I have written scientific reports in an international project, coordinated international exchange periods (with Anski) and written translations to websites, to name but a few. With Witty Writers I hope to be able to help people with their writing needs and challenges.

Our story

Even though we have a similar study background, our paths didn’t cross until we both started working at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. We worked in different departments at first, but soon Laura joined the International Office and we started to notice having a lot of things in common (not the least of which was radiant red hair, that Laura has dyed brown by now).

Enjoying lunches together on a regular basis, the thought of starting our own content production company struck us like the proverbial bolt of lightning when dining at the lovely Korean restaurant Giwa. An efficient 15-minute brainstorm ensued, and we already had a name and a strategy: Witty Writers who breathe life into your content by producing text with a personal touch. After all, we live in an age where people are turning back to small businesses creating highly specialised products and putting their hearts into it. Why not create content with the same passion?


We reserve the right to define the price for each work separately, since things such as the amount of trade-specific vocabulary have an effect on the time required to get the job done. However, we use the following amounts as guidelines to our pricing, so you can get a rough estimate on how much we will charge.

€0,18 per word (source language)

Content creation
€0,15 per word

€0,10 per word

Minimum charge

New client? We offer an attractive 20% discount for those who deal with us for the first time!


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